OOO MGK-Proyekt – NP SRO StroyObyedinenie No. SRO-P-145-04032010.

Primary activities:

Design of road1. Design of road, rail and combined bridges, roads, interchanges, viaducts and pipe racks, traffic tunnels, underground structures, retaining walls, culverts, reinforced soil embankments in severe conditions.

2. Construction method engineering for transport facilities.

3. Engineering of complex utilities and auxiliaries, methods of statement and construction management plans.

4. Revamping and repair engineering for transport facilities.

5. Sophisticated engineering calculations.

6. Financial estimations.

7. Preparation of bidding documents.

8. Engineering and finalization of project-specific technical specifications.

  • Olympic facilities (22 structures – bridges, viaducts and pedestrian crossings;
  • Western High-Speed Diameter (culverts);
  • St. Petersburg beltway (culverts);
  • Ust-Luga port (pedestrian crossing, culverts);
  • M-4 “Don” highway (culverts, prefabricated structure);
  • “Scandinavia” highway (culverts, prefabricated structure);
  • Leningrad Oblast Committee facilities (small bridges, culverts);
  • High-Speed Toll Highway (bridleways, viaducts, culverts);
  • M-10 “Russia” highway (culverts), etc.

All design engineering made by MGK- Proyekt have gained positive Glavgosexpertiza conclusions (zero negative).

While engineering corrugated structures for special condition areas, our designers have developed project-specific technical specifications and finalized with Russian Ministry of Regional Development and Ministry of Construction.

Сapacity calculations for corrugated structures are made with a dedicated software duly approved by the construction software certification center.

With its engineering expertise, MGK-Proyekt makes you sure of quality and Russian regulations compliance.