MGK product applications in 2015-2016

  1. M-4 “Don” highway
  2. P-22 “Caspian” roadScandinavia highway
  3. M-1 “Belarus” highway
  4. P-21 road, M-18 “Kola” highway
  5. M-8 “Kholmogory” highway
  6. M-9 “Baltic” highway
  7. M-11 toll road from Moscow to St. Petersburg – stage 4/5/6/7/8
  8. M-10 “Russia” highway – sectional reconditioning
  9. Bulk area construction in Taman sea port
  10. A-181 “Scandinavia” road – Finland border
  11. Overhaul of A-120 “St. Petersburg southern semi-circle” road
  12. P-21 Vitebsk road. Vitebsk (joint project with Republic of Belarus)
  13. A-121 bypass of Sosnovy Bor along St. Petersburg to 1st of May road in the Leningrad Oblast due to Leningrad NPP-2 construction in Sosnovy Bor
  14. P-23, St. Petersburg – Pskov – Nevel-Pustoshka-Nevel-Belarussia border
  15. A-180 “Narva” from St. Petersburg to the Estonian border
  16. M-20 St. Petersburg-Pskov-Pustoshka-Nevel to the Belorussian border
  17. Russian Spetsstroy facilities in Murmansk and St. Petersburg
  18. Overhaul of “Kolpinskaya street from Pontonny passage to the detention center” in Kolpino district, St. Petersburg
  19. P-56 Veliky Novgorod – Soltsy – Porkhov – Pskov, Novgorod Oblast
  20. P-36 Lodeynoye pole – Tikhvin – Budogoshch – Chudovo
  21. Revamping of road viaduct at Uglovka railway station, Novgorod Oblast
  22. Revamping of Ermilovo vlg. station, Vyborg District
  23. Construction of “Kaliningrad-Arena” access road in Kaliningrad
  24. Revamping of Novorossiysk – Kerch Strait road section (towards Simferopol). Construction of M-25 Novorossiysk – Kerch Strait access road to Kerch and bilk area of Taman seaport, 0 – 42 km section, Krasnodar Krai
  25. Construction of the road from St. Petersburg via Priozyorsk, Sortavala to Petrozavodsk, incl. section from St. Petersburg beltway through Skotnoye to Magistralnaya road, 36-57 km and 173 – 197 km sections, Leningrad Oblast
  26. Kotlas – Koryazhma road construction, Arkhangelsk Oblast
  27. Routine road maintenance in the Leningrad Oblast

Image gallery

Pipes dispatch to JSC "VAD". 2016
M-10 "Russia" highway - sectional reconditioning 2016
Pipes for Ust-Luga. 2016
Pipes for M-11 Moscow - Saint Petersburg toll high-speed road, stage 7 2016
A-181 "Scandinavia" federal highway, 2015
A-181 "Scandinavia" federal highway, 2015
A-181 "Scandinavia" federal highway, 2015
A-181 "Scandinavia" federal highway, 2015
P-21 "Kola" federal highway, 2015
P-21 "Kola" federal highway, 2015
P-21 "Kola" federal highway, 2015
Viaduct M-4 "Don", Yelets bypass, 2009