Steel for manufacturing corrugated metal pipes
Helically corrugated metal pipes and coupling band joints are made of galvanized rolled steel sheets min. strength class 256 as per GOST 19281, GOST 1050 or GOST R 52246. Applicable grades:

  • S275 as per GOST 19281, EN 10025, properties: min. yield strength 275 MPa, min. tensile strength 330 MPa;
  • S280 as per GOST 52246, EN 10346, properties: min. yield strength 280 MPa, min. tensile strength 360 MPa;

Mechanical properties of HCMP steel

Technical Grade
specifications S275 S280
Reference PN-EN 10025 PN-EN 10346
Yield point

Re [MPa]

275 280
Tensile strength

Rm [MPa]

330 360

A80min [%]

21 18

** Steel sheets are delivered from vendors as pre-coated coils as per the standards above:

The principal coating types applied at vendor factories onto rolled steel for helically corrugated metal pipes are:

  • bilateral hot-dip galvanizing zinc coating as per GOST 9.307 (ISO 1461), GOST R 52246, min. weight 720 g / m2,min. thickness 48/50 um;
  • high-density (low-pressure) polyethylene (HDPE), min. thickness 300 um, hot-laminated onto zinc coating at one/both sides.