800 WProtect train polymer coating

WProtect 800 train polymer filmWhether you are a civil engineer or a BOM developer for gravity culverts, and If you want your next project to be successful and lasting for decades, 800 WProtect train polymer film is the thing to be considered.

WProtect 800 train polymer film is a strong thick HDPE coating laminated onto inner and outer surface of a galvanized pipe to protect it against corrosion and wear, superior to many other advanced coatings.

Helically corrugated metal pipes (HCMP) protected with 800 WProtect train polymer film weigh less than RC and bitumen-coated prefabricated metal pipes, and therefore friendlier to handling and installation.

Once the system is in place, WProtect 800 train film provides a reliable and consistent protection even in extremely aggressive environment. WProtect train 800 coating will contribute to your next culvert project effectiveness and its age-lasting service life.

WProtect 800 train provides exceptional long-term protection for culverts whatever are the sizes, length, terrain, or environment.

HCMP protected with 800 WProtect train polymer filmHCMP protected with WProtect 800 train are able to withstand extreme loads while being fabricated, handled, installed, or operated. Thanks to excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, pipes coated with 800 WProtect train boast increased service life versus steel pipes protected with any other material.

800 WProtect train-coated pipes indeed last longer and more efficiently than comparable systems coated with bitumen, galvanizing, fibrous-filled bitumen, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste, coal tar, and type II aluminum compounds.

Excellent corrosion resistance

800 WProtect train withstands almost all corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis and salts commonly found today in storm water sewers and underground culverts.

Excellent wear resistance

WProtect 800 train film is able to withstand sand clay and gravel impact without detriment of adhesion to metal, and provides abrasion resistance equal to over 50 ml bitumen layer.

It excels other polymer pipe coatings available in the market today. An additional abrasion protection can be provided with inner bitumen, portland cement, or cement cladding to ensure smooth operation even for the most sophisticated drainage systems.

800 WProtect train film resists damage from sand clay, gravel, acid, salt, or alkali impacts.

Excellent adhesion

WProtect 800 train coating bonds with a galvanized steel pipe both chemically and physically providing an excellent long-term resistance to mechanical and electrical corrosion and abrasion.Manufacture of seamless metal pipes

800 WProtect train is engineered to provide chemical and physical bonds with steel, and to become an integral whole with a galvanized steel pipe. This unique feature makes WProtect 800 train to serve longer than comparable materials.

Easy to install

WProtect HDPE has virtually no impact on HCMP sections weight. This is why they are easier to handle compared with more heavy concrete or prefabricated corrugated sections coated with a sticky and grubby substance.

Easy to refurbish

Whenever refurbishments are required due to cutting torch or abrasion damage, a pipe can be easily repaired with a sealant. Please contact your local fabricator or MGK representative for sealant vendor list.

Excellent durability

WProtect 800 train polymer film has been excelling in culverts protection almost 30 years and maintaining them serviceable for decades. Bitumen and other coatings are unable to protect for such a long term.

In fact, WProtect train 800 film is capable to increase culvert service life more than trifold depending on applications. This means you can safely integrate WProtect 800 train-coated pipes into your most critical systems.

A century of service?

Manufacture of coiled spiral coated metal pipesSpecimens of corrugated steel sheets coated with WProtect 800 train (HDPE film) have been put through microscopic and IR-microspectrometrical lab testing after 22 years of service.

The specimens have been studied for cracks with an optical microscope. For all specimen, WProtect 800 train polymer film coating (at delivery side) was in a good physical condition.

No micrograph has indicated chemical degradation or cracking signs, exposed surface though born physical abrasion traces.

Since the study did not show any measurable deterioration, the findings therefore stated that HCMP coated with 800 WProtect train polymer would serve a long term. No evidence was found that this pipe coating would not serve 100 years at least.

Helically corrugated metal pipes (HCMP) with WProtect covering 800 train (WP) extra coating.
Advantages of using HCMP

Wuppermann steel sheets are the perfect choice for HCMP culverts.

HCMP may have the following corrosion protections:

  • Zinc coating (bilateral);
  • WProtect 800 train (two-sided) polymer film applied onto the zinc coating (bilateral).

When 300 um HDPE film is applied onto a preheated galvanized steel surface, it creates a uniform coating across the sheet surface.

Coating system → Steel + Zinc + WP polymer coating:

The coating retains its properties regardless of processing practice (folding or molding).

Product features and dimensions:

  • Steel thickness: 1.5 – 4.00 mm;
  • Steel grade: S 275;
  • Zinc thickness: 800 g / m2 (per side);
  • 800 WProtect train coating thickness: 300 um (per side).

Thanks to WProtect 800 train advanced wear and chemical resistance, HCMP with this coating do not require such additional steel protection measures as:

  • extra corrosion protection with bitumen mastic coatings (materials + work);
  • concrete gutters (materials + work) as WP coating ensures zinc surface is well-protected against mechanical impact and abrasion of water suspended solids;
  • geotextile (materials + work) to protect steel while backfilling.