Engineering facilities construction

Through interaction with soil, an integrated engineering structure is formed with HCMP and backfilling. Compliance with vendor recommendations and sand bed arrangement/compaction practice are the key factors for proper facility construction.

Pipes are delivered to site by trucks

Pipes should be offloaded and installed onto a prepared sand bed with web slings and machinery, e.g. a light crane or a wheel loader. Never drop pipes from a truck on the ground.

Pipes are connected with sleeves. Pipes and sleeves are pre-marked to ensure all culvert parts are joined fast and accurately.

HCMP culvert installation practice is far from being sophisticated and easy to handle by a common team under supervision.

This allows you to quickly perform the operation without heavy equipment and special tools, even in adverse weather conditions.

Short work schedule minimizes lane blockage and traffic interference, while “relining” practice allows reinforcing existing facilities without their dismantling and traffic closure.

Corrugated culvert laying

Corrugated culvert laying