Helically corrugated metal pipes (HCMP)

HCMP are shaped from corrugated galvanized 1.5 – 3.5 mm sheets. Sheets are coated with zinc or aluminum/zinc alloy. Two corrugation types are available: 68h13 mm and 125h26 mm.

With conventional trucks, pipes can be delivered in sections up to 14 m and DN 300 – 3600.

Depending on steel thickness, these pipes may serve as culverts under motorways, highways, and railroads. Corrugated pipes are generally connected with sand-resistant coupling bands.

HCMP advantages

The main benefit from HCMP application is their ease and prompt installation that does not require any special heavy machinery and therefore contributes to significant expense cuts and expedites project implementation.

Thanks to short culvert construction period (manyfold less than with concrete pipes) only a half roadway needs to be closed for construction activities that can also be performed in winter.

HCMPHelically corrugated metal pipescoated with WProtect 800 train polymer film are able to withstand extreme loads while being fabricated, handled, installed, or operated.

Thanks to excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, pipes coated with 800 WProtect train boast increased service life versus steel pipes protected with any other material.

800 WProtect train-coated pipes indeed last longer and more efficiently than comparable systems coated with bitumen, galvanizing, fibrous-filled bitumen, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste, coal tar, and type II aluminum compounds.

Due to its insulating properties, the polymer coating provides 86.6 kV/mm electrical endurance. For bilateral 300 um coating it means 21.6 kV electrical endurance.

This value exceeds earth currents observed in electric railway embankments by far. The polymer coating ensures total protection of corrugated helically steel pipes from corrosive effects of earth currents.

The straight pipe sections as such can be further fabricated into tanks, manholes, shaped sections, T-joints etc.

It is enough to leave an application in the section “Order” to buy corrugated pipe from high-quality steel for various purposes.

Construction applications:Helically corrugated metal pipes

  • culverts,
  • sewage systems,
  • reservoirs,
  • dust-proof enclosures for conveyor belts,
  • cable and
  • other public utility conduits,
  • pile sheaths, and
  • air ducts.

HCMP types:

1). STO 85599441-003-2011
(approved by “Rosavtodor” Federal Road Agency and “Avtodor” State Company).
In 2013, HCMP installation has been introduced into the Federal Unit Rates for General Civil Construction. (Volume of 07/12/30).
In 2014, HCMP estimated prices have been updated.


  • Coating: zinc / zinc (800 g) + WProtect 800 train (WP) extra polymer coating
  • Material thickness: 1.5 – 4.0 mm (S275 grade)
  • Diameter: 500-3,000 mm
  • Section length: 1 – 13.5 lm (coupling bands are foreseen for longer culverts)

Additional details

WP-coated HCMP do not require such additional steel protection measures as:

  • Extra corrosion protection with bitumen mastic coatings;
  • Concrete gutters as WP coating ensures zinc surface is well-protected against mechanical impact and abrasion of water suspended solids;
  • Geotextile and geomembranes to protect steel while backfilling.

HCMP service benefits:

With WP-coated pipes, laying duration becomes decreased 3-5 times. In addition, the following activities are not required with prefabricated helically pipes:

  1. Triple bolt tightening (for prefabricated structures);Helically corrugated metal pipes
  2. Plastering;
  3. Geotextile laying;
  4. Geomembrane waterproofing screen arrangmement;
  5. Concrete gutter arrangement.
  6. Expenses for mastic, geotextile, geomembranes and concrete tray are minimized;
  7. Operating expenses are virtually reduced to zero;
  8. A facility remains in service up to 120 years.

HCMP fabrication video