HCMP applications

Helically corrugated metal (hereinafter HCMP) polycentric pipes, as well as HCMP arches, are the components of the integrated system employed in civil engineering namely for:Helically corrugated metal polycentric pipes

  • road and railway culverts;
  • pedestrian tunnels;
  • conserved corridors;
  • hydraulic facilities;
  • reinforcement and reconstruction of the existing engineering facilities.

Pipes are bendable both horizontally and vertically. Tees and branches are foreseen for this purpose. The system can also include manholes and risers.

Helically corrugated metal polycentric pipesHCMP can be used to build engineering facilities of any road/railway load class.

The main benefit from HCMP application is their easy and prompt installation combined with significant civil expense cuts and project expedition.

Thanks to short culvert construction period (manyfold less than with concrete pipes), only a half roadway needs to be closed for construction activities which can also be performed in winter.