Other HCMP applications

HCMP applications

An extraordinary application in the US is the underground bomb shelter.

HCMP properties (lightweight, flexibility, environmental resistance, user-friendly installation) bring forth a broad application scope.

They are used to build various super- and underground structures serving as to pass through, protect, or accumulate media.

For these purposes, we make various tube shapes: round, elliptic, low/high corrugation, as well as arches. Pipes may be provided with extra options – maintenance hatches and openings, valves, ladders or nipples, as necessary.

The pipes are made of galvanized steel with optional polymer coating to enhance their corrosion resistance and durability.

Helically pipe structures can be installed in any weather conditions, even in winter. HCMP can be installed on troubled soil where reinforced concrete products are not applicable.

HCMP possible applications:


  • Various channels and passages. Beside of culverts, HCMP can be used for elevated/underground pedestrian tunnels and conserved corridors.
  • Small bridges. HCMP structures may be the best solution for short-spanned and light-loaded bridges. This is particularity vital for areas (i.e. mountains) where heavy machinery cannot be deployed.
  • Ventilation, water supply, and sewer systems. Helically pipe structures may be an optimal solution for troubled soil or severe climate areas. Polymer-coated HCMP can be used in extremely corrosive and aggressive environments.
  • Process enclosures and tunnels. Thanks to their features, helically pipes can be used to design enclosures and tunnels, both indoor and outdoor, of any shapes and dimensions.
  • Underground water (incl. firewater) tanks. HCMP-made reservoirs are modular. With basic modules including elbows and tees, a reservoir of any type or size can be easily assembled. These pipes can also be used for pump plants and manholes. The reservoirs resist soil settlement and corrosion and serve up to 80 years.
  • Trough gutters – a prefabricated corrugated structure. Easily mounted on any terrain and soil, the gutter is leak-proof and settlement-resistant.
  • Caissons protect pipes and boreholes from freezing and groundwater ingress. Distinct from their concrete counterparts, HCMP pipes are frost- and settlement-resistant and do not require special machinery to install them.
  • Silos – Vertical bulk storage cylinders. Corrugated silos are easy to install and resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.
  • Permanent formworks are pipe sections that remain in place after pouring and contribute to higher mechanical performance. Furthermore, they protect concrete from corrosion and give it aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Reinforcement and repair of existing facilities. Helically pipes allow fast and cost-saving sheathing repairs: after a smaller HCMP is inserted into an emergency tunnel, the gap is filled with concrete.