Standard pipe length and coupling

Although round HCMP production programme considers up to 13.5 m standard length, the process itself allows making pipes of arbitrary length.

Pipes for culverts are delivered to a construction site as sections with overall length equal to design culvert length.

End sections, i.e. inlets and outlets are cut to length and embankment inclination angle. Coupling bands are used to joint pipe sections up to design length.

The bands are made of smooth or corrugated steel.

Band type and size applications for various pipe diameter / service:

  • TYPE 1: smooth and bolted – 300 – 1,400 mm dia.,
  • TYPE 2: helically corrugated and bolted – 300 – 3,600 mm dia.,
  • TYPE 3: helically corrugated and sleeve-bolted (e.g. to upgrade existing facilities),
  • TYPE 4: annular-corrugated and bolted for pipes with end stiff corrugations.

HSMP pipes can be only joined with corrugated and bolted (TYPE 2), and corrugated and sleeve-bolted (TYPE 3) sleeves.Pipes for culverts

Sleeve dimensions and tolerances
Sleeve Sleeve width




TYPE 1 345 to 729 as per PN-EN 10143: 1997
TYPE 2 350 to 800 ±2%
TYPE 3 350 to 800 ±2%
TYPE 4 330 ±2%


HCMP sleeve diameter or span / height depend on diameter or span/height of pipes to be joined.