Optional accessories

HCMP may be provided with optional accessories as per their design purpose e.g.:

Helically corrugated pipes (HCMP)

Helically corrugated pipes (HCMP) are mostly used to construct various tunnels under traffic arteries.

Although these products have come to Russia quite recently, they have already started to oust similar reinforced concrete counterparts from the market.

HCMP are made of helically wound and corrugated steel strips. A lock seam formed while shaping contributes to enhanced product stiffness.

“Bellow” pipes with max. dia. 3.6 m are light, durable, and resistant to corrosion and earth current. Coating options – hot-dip galvanizing or galvanizing + WProtect 800 train polymer coating (one or both sides).

An underground shelter was built from HCMP

An underground shelter was built from HCMP in the US to protect from air strikes.

Polymer coating extends product service life up to 50-70 years. Thanks to their lightweight and excellent settlement resistance, HCMP can be used where reinforced concrete pipes are inapplicable and in seismic regions.

HCMP are ten times lighter than reinforced concrete (in lm equivalent) and therefore contribute to lesser transportation costs. They are installed as offloaded and do not require heavy machinery for that.

Bedding is also easy as ABC – only sand and gravel backfilling is required. Maximum section length is 13.5 m (v/s 5 m for concrete pipes). Sections are joined with corrugated and bolted bands to ease installation and cut labor costs.

HCMP exceed similar dia. concrete pipes in loading capacity allowing increasing backfill height by 1.5-2 times.

With standard sections, you can design structures of any complexity – including branches, openings and various optional accessories (hatches, gratings, ladders etc.)

With longitudinal sections, you can create arches and gutters.

Prefabricated corrugated structures

Beside of HCMP, MGK makes products and structures clamped from corrugated sheet fragments.

This technology allows creating complex shape structures, large arches etc.

These structures benefit from the same advantages as HCMP do: lightweight, durability, water tightness, resistance to corrosion and soil settlement.

Applications of HCMP and prefabricated corrugated structures:
• Tunnels, arches, viaducts, bridleways;
• Process enclosures, caissons;
• Wells, firewater tanks, storage tanks;
• Silos (bulk storages);
• Small bridges;
• Bus stops and other hardscape amenities;
• Avalanche galleries;
• Coast embankments;
• Permanent formworks.

Cost impact

While cost of HCMP products is comparable to similar concrete items, the former’s specifications are significantly better and transportation, installation, operation, and maintenance expenses are lower.

Total savings make up to 15-30%.

HCMP can be installed in winter, and that expands their application and shortens construction cycle.

HCMP v/s concrete pipe specifications benchmarks


Item Reinforced concrete pipe HCMP
Section length Up to 5 m Up to 13,5 m
Wall thickness 50-190 mm 1,5-3,5 mm
Unit weight (ø1 m, 1 lm) 720 kg 75,5 kg
Installation process Subsoil preparation, concrete blocks installation (or cast-in-situ foundation), primer impregnation, pipe laying, accessories installation (screens and face walls), backfilling, compaction Subsoil preparation, pipe laying, compaction
Special machinery Required Not required
Pre-laying treatment Required Not required
Settlement reaction Cracks, collapse Amortize
Operation and maintenance Cleaning, repairs, coating reconditioning, failed areas reinforcement, protection of exposed reinforcement mesh Inspection, cleaning
Service life 30-40 years 50-70 years
Replacement Total structure dismantling Sheathing (inserting a new pipe into the old one)